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Implant Dentistry Course

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The course is designed as an in-depth comprehensive program divided into Four modules of 2 days each which include lectures, surgical demonstration, hands on surgeries and restorative aspects including laboratory protocols.
The program is designed at the interval of three months to allow participating doctors to assimilate material presented and immediately apply it to their practices. Each module will have one day of lecture sessions and one day of surgical and prosthetic phase. The emphasis of this course is to teach dental practitioners how to incorporate implant treatment to their practices safely with the confidence and back up of experienced faculty. The course will suit especially those who have been on introductory lectures but now wish to update their knowledge and gain practical experience in this revolutionary branch of dentistry.
Course Outline
  • Evolution and Scope of Implant Dentistry.
• Modern Implant Systems and their features
• Patient Evaluation, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
• Available Bone Evaluation and Imaging systems
• Indications and Contraindications.
• Marketing Implant Dentistry in your practice
• Applied Basic Sciences
• Surgical Principles
• Sterilisation and Asepsis including setting up of the operatory for the surgical phase
• Anaesthesia
• Surgical Protocols including surgical variations
• Immediate loading concepts
• Soft tissue management
• Implant Aesthetics.
• Tissue Augmentation in Implant treatment including the fundamentals of Bone Grafting
• Prosthetic options, planning and procedures.
• Understanding of prosthetic components
• Occlusion considerations
• Laboratory aspects.
• Management of Complications in Implant treatment
• Maintenance and follow up
Course features:-
  • Didactics
• Live surgical and prosthetic demonstration
• Participants will place and restore implants for one patient under the guidance of the faculty
• Participant can bring his/her own patient and can charge the patient if he/she desires with informed consent. Participant will have the option of mutually fixing with the faculty to perform a surgery outside the module time at an agreed upon price. Implants + graft & membrane to be purchased. Surgical Kit will be provided.
Course Highlights:-
  • Limited attendance course to enable personal attention
• Full clinical practice support and treatment planning/advisory service
• Hands on course for placement on dummy mandible prior to staring patient cases.
• Plus Cases treated by faculty and participants to include a vide variety of implant situations like delayed placement, immediate placement after extraction, immediate loading etc, (subject to patient availability).
Course Fees :
Rs 1,75,000/- Includes:
  • BioHorizons External or Internal or Tapered Internal complete Surgical Kitt
• 2 Nos. BioHorizons’ External or Internal or Tapered Internal Implants.
• Suprastructure cost and lab fee (Katara Dental)
• Lunch on all days.
Course Venue and Dates:
  • Sahaj Dental Academy, First Floor, MAK Tower, S.P.Marg, Civil Lines, Allahabad-211001, U.P., India.
• First module is expected scheduled from June 2012
• Subsequent modules date will be informed to you later.
After successful completion of the course, certificate will be issued in association with Sahaj Dental Academy and BioHorizons Implant System Inc. USA.

For Further Information and Registration please Contact:
Allahabad  : Dr. Sandeep Singh - +91-9335154612
Allahabad  :
Dr. Manish Raj - +91-9839051515
Varanasi    :
Dr. Manoj Shrivastava - +91-9415219787
Delhi          :
Divesh Pankaj (Katara Dental)- +91-9313362516



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