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Faculty : Brief Biosketch

Dr. Abhijit Lele
BDS, M.Clin.Dent (Prosthodontics)
Dr. Abhijit Lele is a Specialist Prosthodontist and restorative dentist residing and practicing in Pune since 2001.

He has earned the Master's Degree in clinical dentistry with major subject as Prosthodontics from King's College London. The Master's programme is a completely clinically oriented course and enables him to practice skills learned abroad in his practice, frequently molded to suit Indian scenarios.

He is presently a teaching assistant and assignment marker with King's College London on the course of MSc. Aesthetic Dentistry.

His practice includes both routine and advanced restorative work, most of which is done in composites among other treatment modalities.

He conducts a series of workshops called 'Mastering Composites' which has modules on posterior and anterior composites and advanced restorative work with composites. Being a full time clinician he loves to keep the course clinically oriented with lots of clinical tips.

Why learn direct anterior composites?
Doing direct anterior composite restorations or veneers is an extremely skilled job. We need to master the skill in order to be able to do anterior restorations with predictable success and durability.
Direct composite veneers are an alternative for indirect ceramic veneers which are very costly to the patients and not all patients can afford them.
This course is designed keeping in mind the increasing need of the patients for aesthetic treatment that too at lower costs



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