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Aesthectic Dentistry Course

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Course Outline: Lecture + Hands-on Exercise
  1. Introduction to modern composites and basic material science
  2. Why composites? Comparison with Amalgam
  3. Bonding chemistry and newer bonding techniques, clinical steps
  4. Matrices, how to achieve good contacts and contours
  5. Composite material manipulation
  6. Science of light-curing and types of lights
  7. Finishing, polishing, use of tints
  8. Troubleshooting (Dealing with problems like sensitivity)
  9. Demonstration of Class II composite restoration
  10.Hands-on exercise with Class II composite restorations
Course Outline: Lecture + Hands-on Exercise
  Lecture -
  1. Aesthetic Principles
  2. Aesthetic treatment options – Direct or indirect?
  3. Smile analysis
  4. Treatment planning
  5. How to use composite mock-ups to convince patients?
  6. Shade matching
  7. Layering technique – Playing with materials of different translucencies
  8. Use of tints
  9. Functional aspects – Occlusion and speech
  10. Finishing and polishing
  11. Discussion of clinical cases and videos
  12. Demonstration of direct composite veneer
  13. Hands-on exercise with direct composite veneer
Course Outline: Lecture + Hands-on exercise on - post and core and direct composite onlay
  1. Introduction to modern composites and basic material science and bonding
  2. Restoration of Endodontically treated teeth – What are the options?
  3. Post & core
    A. Why are posts needed? What does scientific evidence say?
    B. Types of posts
    C. Selection of posts
    D. Post space preparation
    E. Types of core materials
    F. Bonding/luting strategies for post & core
  4. How to restore mutilated teeth with direct composites
    A. Can we avoid crowning of mutilated or even endodontically treated teeth?
    B. Use of wax-ups and putty indices for restoring badly carious teeth
    C. Managing occlusal stresses
  5. Hands-on exercise with post and core and direct composite onlay.
Course Venue and Dates:
  • Sahaj Dental Academy, First Floor, MAK Tower, S.P.Marg, Civil Lines, Allahabad-211001, U.P., India.
• First module is expected scheduled from June 2012
• Subsequent modules date will be informed to you later.
After successful completion of the course, certificate will be issued in association with Sahaj Dental Academy and Dentsply Academy.

For Further Information and Registration please Contact:
Allahabad  : Dr. Sandeep Singh - +91-9335154612
Allahabad  :
Dr. Manish Raj - +91-9839051515
Varanasi    :
Dr. Manoj Shrivastava - +91-9415219787
Lucknow    :
Girish (Dentsply) - +91-9415419637
Lucknow    : Siddhartha (Dentsply) - +91-9919075496


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